we are amatus.


Create socially meaningful impact through emerging technologies.

We create initiatives to advance accessibility, through building and testing products in real-life scenarios. Our values lie in promoting transparency, co-creation, research and community-oriented education.
We build alliances to encourage execution of new ideas, critical debate about the technology and products which shape our lives.

Our multi-disciplinary research lens comes from fields such as game theory, social anthropology, data and economic sciences and digital specialists, which helps us to look at ways of tackling the most relevant issues of today.


Aaron Bichler

Founding Partner, Chairman

Andreas Bichler

Founding Partner, MD

Morris Clay

Partner, Executive Director

Eugen Petersen

Partner, Executive Director


Cristian Șerb

Associate, CTO

Carsten Schröter

Event & Office Manager

Manola Gelin

People Operations Manager

Pedro Jardim

Agile Coach

Lenka Andelova

Operations Manager at Capdax

Quincey Stumptner

Policy Manager

Ludolf Schöning

Venture Developer

Sören Houen

Venture Developer at ats.